Portrait eines Ortes

In this workshop the entire group works in one place. The space we need (Alster, harbour, a street, etc.) delivers enough room for various themes and varying photographic approaches. Each and every one finds their own subject and works individually on his/her own approach. At the Alster these could either be: Portaits of locals, water debris, a hotel maid from the Kempinski, a rowing club, a homeless person, etc. A street could be separated into sections and allotted to each participant and then a story could unfold through exact observation and, consequently, by weighing all the visual options, be used as an opportunity of getting into depth.

The participants of this course will perceive different things, or they will perceive the same things, but execute their photographs differently. One can either work individually or collaborate as a group on one subject. An open exchange is expressly desired between each other, enabling either a development of a deepened photographic position, or just letting inspiration flow freely. The main goal is the improvement of ones’ photographic language. Finally, an interesting and consistent “full picture” or composition is to be created by the different voices for a closing exhibition. An exhibition which tells us someth

Course Language

German, English

Course Material

Digital Camera, Laptop – if possible – with image editing programmes

Bettina Flitner

Born 1961 in Cologne, studied at the German Film and Television Academy, freelance photographer since