Creatures and Critters

Dreams and imagination, or the exact observation of nature, lead to drafts and sketches. These create the basis with which we elaborate in the first part of the course a series of little wax sculptures, either figuratively or abstract. One of the creations will be moulded in bronze by means of melting.

Michael Wittkamp will introduce us to bronze casting at the Image Foundry Wittkamp in Elmenhorst. During the casting procedure of the “lost figure” the wax template gets lost and we finally obtain a unique bronze. Each step is closely accompanied in the foundry which finally result in the bronze sculpture. Ventilation channels are applied to the figure and covered with forming material, resulting in the “green figure”. This is then melted creating the cavity, molten metal is then cast into the form. The metal, which hardens in the form, is freed by breaking the form. The patinating and chasing procedures take place under the auspices of the chaser. During the closing exhibition, Pentiment exhibts the finished bronze, accompanied by the sketches and further wax drafts. Demands: artistic and technical open-mindedness.

Course Language

German, English

Course Materials

Iron- and Wood Chisel. An additional overall cover charge of 190€ is required for professional assistance and high energy costs of the Wittkamp Foundry

Johannes Speder

Born 1965 in Bonn, lives and works in Hamburg and Berlin