Serendipity Days

“The term serendipity describes a coincidental perception of something originally not sought after, which manifests itself as a novel and surprising discovery, related but not identical, also described as an expanded proverb of benign coincidence. Furthermore, serendipity emphasizes an Investigation which yields a conclusion or a finding” This is from Wikipedia (not verbatim). I found this coincidently, liked it, because it is exactly what we can do within the Pentiment fortnight: Wandering about in a state of intensified perception or just sitting around with a sketchbook, grasping whatever one may encounter. These could be either figures, words, light and shadows, colours or associations, we’ll see….

After examination, we then discern what has quality and what can be discarded, where stories take place. Even lovely nonsense is valid. In this context, possibly, a sketchbook diary, an album, or even an idea for a picture-book, may evolve.

Course Material

An A4 or A5 pad or single pages – or larger. Sketchbook A5, blank postcards, pencils, oil-based pritt sticks, colour pencils, favourite paintbrushes and pens, favourably calligraphy pens (Pentel Brush Pen), sharpener, eraser, insoluble ink, nibs, watercolours (or others, that participants might find useful), waterglasses, rags, at least one thick watercolour paintbrush, scissors, cutting knives, glue sticks, laptop, (printer, scanner) cushion for outdoors

Course Languages

German, English

Jutta Bauer

Born 1955 in Hamburg, Design UASHH - since then author and illustrator Stone SculptingSerendipity Days