Mariette van Erp

On a Quest for the Boundaries of the Abstract

“It ought not be more than line, form and colour.” (Roger Zaveel) Drawing is perceiving. In this course, we search, with the aid of drawing and photography, for the essence of a scene. This could be either an interior room or even an interesting place outdoors. The main goal of this approach is to develop a personal, visual style and, accordingly, attribute expression, to a series of paintings. Therefore, we embark on an intuitive quest/a search for the abstract. This a process that begins with approaching the motif by sketching, photographing, and internet picture research.

By talking about our works, zooming in on them, elaborating on them, in the first step transposing lines into painting and so forth, moving, step by step, towards our own visual language. The individual attempts, which we develop from these approaches, will assist us to elaborate a picture, in which we want to find the balance between the figurative and the abstract. Varying materials are permitted and desired. Canvas and cardboard are the norm. However, don’t hesitate to use a nice piece of wood or paper to experiment with, or even other interesting objects, which could well serve as a surface for painting. In the abstract, there is enough space for both artist and for the story to unfold itself. For the viewer, the room provides interpretation- and association possibilities.

Course Languages

German, English and Dutch

Course Materials

Anything useful for drawing: Pencils, Colour Pencils, watercolours, Coal, Oil Chalks, Various Papers and Pads, Soft Pens, Graphite Pens, Gesso, Chalks, Water Colour Paint, Paintbrushes, Cell/Mobile Cameras, Usual Equipment for Acrylic Painting - Any special requirements will be – if necessary – announced in a timely fashion.

Mariëtte van Erp

Born 1953 in Gemert, Netherlands, lives and works in Gemert, 1977-1982