Drawing in Public Space

The main focus of the course is directed towards the relationship between humans and public space. This is about the atmosphere which is created. On the one hand, we engage ourselves with the architectural property and display as well as the given lighting situation. On the other, with humans, animals and plants, which add life to the space. Gradually, we train ourselves to apply the essentials to paper with ease and confidence. Step by step, we employ a method that we enjoy. Our main focus is directed towards supporting and expanding a personal style, or by adding something new. We will find ourselves in various situations.

The tranquility of a summer morning in a park, the sweaty hectic of an afternoon in the Mönckebergstraße, the cool quietness of a church, the wild ruckus in a public pool. There are a plethora of possibilities with which we can experiment. During the course we shall vary between tuitional and unguided drawing. By virtue of this method, every illustrator enjoys the possibility to learn something new, to expand interests and to test the newly learned methods. At the beginning, everyone should use the materials which they are most comfortable with. However, mobility must be maintained, because we shall be on the go most of the time.

Course Material

Each participant uses his/her own material with which he/she is most comfortable, bear in mind that mobility must be maintained

Course Language

German English


Born 1977 in Cologne, lives and works in Berlin, 2001 – 2006 Illustration UASHH