Intensive-Portfolio Course / Creative Processes

This course deals with drawing, painting, collaging, constructing, arranging, photography, nude studies and filming. The participants learn how to deal with various techniques and media, as well making themselves familiar with work strategies in order to develop their individual expression and individual results to compile an application portfolio. Images, motifs, objects shall be directed and made subject to a transformative, artistic process in order to create new forms of expression.

For example, coincidentally compiled consumer objects can be processed to objects and then arranged for photos. Alternatively, already existent images can be interpreted and mocked up with any given objects and then either painted and/or photographed. The course understands itself as an experimental elementary project in which the participants can fathom their individual possibilities, as to then compile these works in an application portfolio.

Course Languages

German, English

Course Material

Paintbrushes, Acrylic Paint, Paper (190g/qm, Din A1), Cardboard, Pencils, Chalk, Watercolours and Paintbrushes, Glue, Scissors, Camera (alt Mobile/Cell), A list of required material shall be supplied in due course

Thorsten Tenberken

Lives and works as a liberal artist in Hamburg