Real Abstraction, Abstract Reality

In this course we shall examine the field of tension between objective and abstract painting. Different techniques will be introduced and tested how colour, beyond the paintbrush, can be applied to canvas, in the endeavor to explore a new imagery, colour swabs or squeegees, expressive gestures, progression techniques, dripping, pouring and other coincidental techniques are applied for the purpose of breaking out of habitual painting methods and to undermine ones’ own capabilities.

The finding of motives can be initiated with colour sketches of nature or with photographic references. Starting from an objective painting, this is to transcend into abstraction, abstract elements augmented or these are to be reduced by recession. Abstract colour landscapes can evolve, which can incrementally develop to an objective depiction, or can inspire ones’ own imagination. To which extent must a picture be formulated and by what makes it significant?

In demand is open-mindedness, courage to sacrifice alleged successes, artistic bravery, and imaginative force. Individual perspectives of works are developed in group and one-on-one discussions.

Course Materials

Drawing and painting work material, paper, watercolours, acrylic paints, paintbrushes, canvasses, stretcher frames, paper plates for palettes, kitchen paper, old rags, floor protection for floor paintings, details regarding the course are open to discussion

Course Languages

German and English

Til Gerhard

Born 1971 in Hamburg, livesSearching and works near Huntlosen near Oldenburg, 1992-93 Liberal Arts, Muthesius University of Art and