The Image and Its Text

Unlabeled objects are known to us, images without any text too – and words without motif. In this course we want to dedicate ourselves to a combination of an image-word-object, meaning to deal with word(s) in an image, or object. Not as a necessary evil, but as an unequivocal position. Will this result in a painting with an unavoidable lettering, or a cartoon? Or just a kind of poster, or just a cardboard with the word e.g. “debris” crossed out? Even those who want to deliver wordless abstracts are at the right place, provided that these, in sight of our extremely real actuality, are justifiable. The one whose work rests in quiet peacefulness, consequently, has a say, too. Technical freestyle is the rule. No subject is served. It may be drawn, painted, collaged, stamped, cut, sampled, kneaded, constructed, written, drafted on a computer, designed, or gone abysmally batty. It may be grotesque. If necessary, also absurd. Content and ideas are prioritized ahead of technique.

Will we then, by this method possibly be on track to obtaining unexpected results? Then let’s just say it as it is. Whether painting, object, drawing, cartoon, film, a little sculpture, an installation with stubborn objects… everything ought to be possible. Not forgetting to take a peek out of the window, or into the web, or in the mirror. In demand is a gun barrel loaded with eagerness to experiment, held in restraint with insane rationale. The positive aspect about this course is that the bar is set so high, that everyone can easily walk underneath it.

Course Material

Participants are to use and supply themselves with their preferred material. Details with regard to the respective projects of the participants are subject to discussion at the beginning of the course.

Course Language

German, English

Tilman Knop

Born 1965 in Hamburg, lives and works in Hamburg, 1988-1994 Department of Art and Design UASHH